I am Gila, 42, graphic designer and illustrator from Germany. I am currently moving to a tiny house in the boondocks, right at a lake, and hope for an artsy life with my retro pug, Jette.

Everything I do is either cute or iconic, and I mainly work in vector and Photoshop. My goal is to do more children’s books, but I am also up for licensing, papeterie, merch, illustrative logos and other projects.

I am originally German, have lived in the States for a year, and spent 8 years in the Netherlands. So any of these languages will do, and I appreciate the experiences I was able to make.

I am a pretty die-hard introvert.  My days are spent outside with the dog and our doggy friends, sketching in the yard, or behind the computer. I must be the only German who only listens to country, loves anything from Todd Snider to Blake Shelton or Eric Church, and either goes to Rockabilly concerts or techno & trance clubs. Call me eclectic, will you.

If anything is unclear, just give me a holler!